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It’s A Slump Now

If it wasn’t before, it is definitely a slump now. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) said today that the sales of existing homes across the US in September 2018 fell more than 3% seasonally-adjusted from August. At just 5.15 million (SAAR), that’s the lowest volume in almost three years. Hurricane Harvey had managed to […]

What Do They Know?

The Steering Committee for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned last week that tighter financial conditions globally are a risk. A bit late perhaps, but that’s how these things go. You can tell matters are serious when Economists are shaken out from their global growth slumber. The IMF wants everyone to know that this could […]

If Gold Crosses This Line, It’s “Off to the Races”

Last week and so far this week, the price of gold has also traded above the 9-12 month cycle moving average. These are both signs that those cycles have bottomed, and are poised to turn up. Gold must now close above the high of the range of the past 4 weeks of 1215 to confirm a tradable upturn in those two cycles. If it does, it could be off to the races.

I suggested a couple of low risk plays to participate in a rally.

Both gold itself, and the mining stocks have since had a nice move.

Here’s a brief look at the outlook, and a review of my suggested strategy…

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