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Free Money Socialism

In lieu of my weekly technical update this opinion piece instead: The free money whores are back again. Harsh? Perhaps. Untrue? Not really. As I’ve stated before our market system is broken, […]

Restaurant Stock Shorts

FEEDFor some reason, restaurant shorts are doing especially well lately. Here are a couple of my favorites: Texas Roadhouse: And Papa Johns International:
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Mining Island – XME Chart

FEEDThere has been an interesting reversal pattern with the metals & mining fund, symbol XME. This island reversal was intriguing enough for me to add to my existing short of XME with an updated stop-loss price of 28.05: SlopeCharts has the ability…

Lead. Gravy. Very Small Rocks.

First of all, Happy Equinox to everyone. As a person who has to walk large dogs in the morning before the squirrels wake up, I am glad to know that from here on out, days will be getting shorter. These 5 a.m. wake-ups get old after a while. I was g…

The Science of Rate Cuts

In order for rate cuts to be insurance for a boom to continue, there first has to be a boom able to be continued. The FOMC meeting yesterday didn’t directly kill the idea, but that’s actually what’s coming up in the latest projections. This is why there’s been so much attention focused on inflation. The […]

Anesthesia Right On Schedule

In early January, much of the world was dazed and confused. What the hell just happened? Two weeks before, in the middle of December 2018, Jay Powell stood in front of the microphones confidently declaring his rate hikes justified by an extremely strong economy. Yet, even the stock market had turned against him. When the […]

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