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Jackie Gleason Would Love Today’s Stock Market

A little traveling music, please! And away we go! Money supplies the music, and the US Treasury is the band, thanks to the government shutdown. As a result, a technical indicator that I developed in 2005, which measures the market’s breadth and speed in a single number. has set a world record by a mile. Here’s what it means.

The Fed Sings A Sweet Tune – Here’s Why It Will Lead To Market Bitterness

Prior to the onset of QE in 2009, a normal reserve position meant tight reserves. There were virtually no excess reserves on the Fed’s balance sheet. That means that the drains will continue until the balance sheet reaches a tight reserve position. Except that that can’t happen because the markets and the economy would have a really bad accident, first.…

Gold Looks Golden, but Miners Flashing Yellow

The  uptrend in gold looks solid with new upside projections on intermediate swing cycles. But there are some chinks in the mining stock picture. This report tells what to look for to see if their trend will hold up or pull back again. While there are no new mining picks, in an abundance of caution we’re closing out a couple…

December Tax Collections Reveal Wall Street’s False Economic Narrative

The media had been excusing the stock market decline, and explaining the bond market rally in December by saying that investors were worried about slowing economic growth. Federal tax collection data for December shows that that is a false narrative. The data and charts show why this false narrative is dangerous to your financial health.

When Things Don’t Add Up, Subtract

Last week I wrote that a crash was under way, but I added, “If there is a snapback rally, I’d look for resistance around 2490-2520. The market would need to close above 2530 on Monday to break the crash channel.” We got the rally, and lo and behold, it hit 2520 on Friday. The crash channel is broken. But a…

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The Government Shutdown Is Still Bullish So Here’s What To Do

The stock market has been on an amazing tear since December 26. The government shutdown (GSD) began December 22. Coincidence? No. I told you about the belated epiphany I had about this back on January 11:

But there’s one other thing that is bullish in the short run, and you’ll never believe what it is!

That short term factor is the government shutdown. That’s right. It’s bullish. Forgive me for telling you this only now, but unfortunately, it just dawned on me. I’ve been speculating about it for a week or so, but now the data confirms my suspicions.

This rally isn’t business as usual. It’s not about what the media is telling you: that the economy is fine, inflation is low, and the Fed will not raise interest rates as much as originally feared.

One thing is the same about this market, though. And that’s the underlying principle that drives all markets. The market has moved, as always, because of money. It’s pretty simple. When there’s not enough money around, the market declines. When there’s a surplus, the market rises.

Until December 22, there wasn’t enough money around. But then, something changed.

Since December 26, a tidal wave of money has sent the market surfing higher. That money isn’t coming from the usual source, the Fed and its fellow central banks. They’re going the other way.  

Nope. This time it’s coming from the US Treasury. And this time is also different because the people controlling the money dynamics aren’t motivated by long term economic factors. They are motivated by politics. That makes this a whole different kind of ballgame than the one we usually play.

Here’s what it’s about, and what you can do to profit from it

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Desperately Dancing Sideways

“When the music stops, in terms of liquidity, things will be complicated. But as long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance. We’re still dancing.” Citigroup CEO Chuck Prince (2007)New York | Earnings have turned out to be a snoozer rather than the recession step down some gloomy souls predicted. Even if the economy is slowing, does it matter for earnings, which keep rising ever higher as net revenues stagnate? Our big takeaway from last week was the remarkable consistency in

Fannie-Freddie Soar on FHFA Chief’s Conservatorship Comment (Let Our GSEs Go!)

Joseph Otting is the acting director of FHFA while Mark Calabria is Trump’s nominee to be the new FHFA director and Fannie Mae – Freddie Mac regulator. (Bloomberg) — Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shares soared Friday amid fresh reports that the Trump Administration is working on proposal that would recommend freeing the mortgage-finance giants from … Continue reading Fannie-Freddie Soar on FHFA Chief’s Conservatorship Comment (Let Our GSEs Go!)