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Multiple New Trades Being Added to Daily Swing Trades List For Tuesday 2/20/18 Sets Us Up For Next Big Market Move

The list’s current performance is weaker than the past couple of weeks. That is entirely due to 5 trades put on since Wednesday that haven’t had a chance to develop yet. Obviously, going the right way is not guaranteed, but the new trades need time play out. That will also be true of the 4 short picks to be added…

Fed’s Balance Sheet Shrinkage Confirms That The Market Is Not Just in a Correction

The Fed has begun to accelerate its balance sheet shrinkage, precisely following the schedule it published last September. Not surprisingly, the effects are beginning to show up in the markets.. Only the timing was in question, but my technical work took care of that, and it got us heavily short by the time the slide began on January 29 (Daily…

Swing Trades List for Monday, February 12

After closed trades there will still be no longs and 14 shorts on the list. It’s not comfortable to have no longs, but there are still no clear low-risk long setups. There are also few on the short side. I continue to adjust trailing stops on the shorts as appropriate based on changes in the charts. 93% of open trades…

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Weekly Commentary: Permanent Market Support Operations

The greatest flaw in central banker doctrine/strategy was to believe that after intervening temporarily with reflationary measures the system would stabilize and gravitate right back to normal operations. Central bankers reflated a deeply unsound financial structure, only exacerbating flaws and compounding contemporary finance’s vulnerabilities.

The Home Builder Rationalization

Home construction rebounded in January 2018, though that may have been nothing more than statistical noise. Total permits filed to build new residential structures totaled 1.396 million (SAAR) last month, up from a revised 1.300 million in December. The entirety of that increase was due to a big jump in permits for the multi-family segment….

Escalation(s) TIC

According to the US Treasury Department’s Treasury International Capital (TIC) report, foreign private holders of UST’s had been selling them steadily in the last quarter of last year. Estimates including those just released for December 2017 show a total net reduction of $24 billion. While that’s not a huge number, private overseas interests typically buy…