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Primary Dealers Deleverage and Grow Cautious

As the Fed has cut back on QE, Primary Dealers have also cut back their inventories of Treasuries and the leverage that they use to finance them. That’s not bullish. Here are the details and a few charts along with a suggested strategy to play the dealers’ game, not the one they want you to play as they set up new traders for the kill.

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Bulls Come Back to Work

The long holiday weekend has ended and bulls are back at their desks.

Bullish on Biden’s growing lead in the polls, right? Because when the market was going down 2 weeks ago, the papers said that was because the market feared Biden. I guess traders switched sides, because the charts sure look bullish again all of a sudden.


Here’s what to look for to signal that this is for real. Along with a few ideas on how to ride it.

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These Charts Show COVID 19 Is Spreading in the US and Will Kill the Economy

The COVID 19 pandemic is, predictably, worsening again in much of the US. Only the Northeast, and to a lesser extent some Midwestern states, have been consistently improving. And that trend could also reverse as those states fully reopen. Follow the money. Find the profits!Liquidity is money. Regardless of where in the world that money originates, eventually it flows to…

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The Bubble

At this stage market are basically just a liquidity meth lab, an artificial behemoth constructed and subsidized by the Fed stepping in on any downside in markets. Following $3 trillion in liquidity injections […]