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You Can See How Dark Matter and Dark Energy Drive Stocks Higher

Stock market analysis requires many disciplines. Unlike, physics, for example, it’s not rocket science. Hell, it’s not even science. But while physicists and astrophysicists understand more and more about how the universe works, there is much more that they don’t understand. For every theory that they confirm, more questions arise.

They say that approximately 80% of the mass of the universe is “dark matter.” They don’t know what it is. And there’s “dark energy,” that they don’t understand either. They see their effect, but they can’t see the cause, and don’t know what either of them is. So they observe and measure the effects, and make predictions and develop theories based on that.

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Cycle Analysis Target Projections Point Higher Still

Near term cycle projections have risen as the relentless mania just trends right along. We may as well take advantage, right? I’ve added a couple of swing trade chart picks that look well positioned to do just that.

What about all those sell signals? Failed again. Short sellers are setting themselves up as targets in a carnival shooting gallery. That’s typical of an entrenched mania.

When and where will it end? I’ve posted near term and longer term projections based on current trends and cycles.

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Doug Noland’s Credit Bubble Bulletin: Short-Term Unsustainable

For years now, I’ve listened as Washington politicians and central bankers admit to the obvious – that the trajectory of our federal debt is unsustainable – while invariably arguing it was not the time to be concerned or address it. With Treasuries blowing right through the 100% of GDP milepost – and likely poised to reach 125% within the next year or two – there’s no time like the present to recognize our nation is in serious fiscal trouble.