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Here’s Where Crypto Is Headed Today 6/10/21

Yesterday I wrote that BTC had the makings of a pretty good intermediate swing bottom. All in all, this has the makings of a classic bottom. And there’s nothing more bullish than a head and shoulders top breakdown that doesn’t follow through. So there’s a chance that a really big rally could come from this setup. From yesterday’s overnight low…

Good Looks on Both Sides of Swing Trade Screens 6/9/21

Originally posted at Capitalstool.  The swing trade screen game ended in a tie yesterday, with 20 buys and 20 sells.  That compares with a 19-10 bear win yesterday. Back on May 14 we had a surge of 153 buy signals to 6 sells.  That showed thrust. It suggested a new bull swing phase. It never fully materialized but we still need to see substantially more sell…

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