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A Stock Market Crash Scenario

The one thing we can know with certainty is it won’t be easy to profit from the crash.After 8+ years of phenomenal gains, it’s pretty obvious the global stock market rally is overdue for a credit-cycle downturn, and many research services of Wall …

Doug Noland: Washington Finance and Bubble Illusion

June 18 – Financial Times (Mohamed El-Erian): “In hiking rates and, more notably, reaffirming its forward policy guidance and setting out plans for the phased contraction of its balance sheet, the Federal Reserve signalled last week that it has become less data dependent and more emboldened to normalise monetary policy. Yet, judging from asset prices, markets are failing to internalise sufficiently the shift in the policy regime.


The Phelan Act of 1920 sounded simple in principle. It authorized the various Federal Reserve Banks, at that time twelve district branches operating independently, to charge progressive interest rates on the rediscounting activities at their respective windows (the discount rate was the interest charged to obtain collateralized funds from the various reserve banks). Private banks…

How to Own Your Own Gold Mine

I see quite a few opportunities right now, but only a few make the cut. Those few are the best of the best, or what I call, “the best deal in the books.” And lately, I’ve come across one of the best. I have only one word to describe it — amazing.

How Safe Is Your Money?

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The amount and severity of cyber-attacks continues to increase, and we are no doubt going to see a sharp increase in purchases of anti-cyber-attack software. That’s bullish for the entire cybersecurity space and the stocks of companies working on ways to combat this internet theft and fraud.

The post How Safe Is Your Money? appeared first on Daily Reckoning.