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Category: Other Guys

Economic and and financial news and analysis from respected observers. Because I publish it, doesn’t mean I agree with it.

There’s No Stopping a Recessionary Reckoning

If there was only one causal factor nudging the economy into recession, it might be a mild, brief recession. But with all five conditions in confluence, this recession will be unlike any other.

Recessions reliably arise from the confluence of these conditions. Note that any one condition can trigger a recession, but no one condition guarantees a recession. Severe, long-lasting recessions occur when multiple conditions arise at the same time.


One of the hottest and most anticipated IPOs of the past few years was $0 commission broker Robinhood (HOOD), which surely must have the most cruelly cynical name in corporate history. Let’s just say their outing as a publicly-tradeable finan…

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