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Stocks at a Crossroads

The market is again at a crossroads. A strong start to this week could trigger buy signals on the 10-12 month cycle. But bears could stay in control if certain things happen. This report covers the triggers for both scenarios.

Here’s Why This Market Could Get Ugly Fast

The US Treasury’s tax windfall  has come and gone. The Treasury is resuming net borrowing early than usual this year, in April instead of mid May as usual. That’s problematic in view of the weak cyclicality. As I wrote last week, “The usual April-May seasonal pop should fizzle early.”  Here’s what to look for.

Here’s What To Look For As Market Tests Support

The market remains in a sharply descending short term channel.  We have gotten the expected bounce from the 2588 area, and it is being tested again here on Wednesday morning. Here’s what to expect. Here is today’s updated list including new buys, sells, short sales, cover shorts, and updated stops, as well as performance metrics…

Daily Swing Trades List for Tuesday

I have made no additions to the list for Tuesday. I’ll continue to ride out the current picks until they are closed. That leaves us with just 5 shorts and no longs. March was a difficult month, but we came back strong in the last two weeks to end the month with a loss of…