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Cycle Analysis Target Projections Point Higher Still

Near term cycle projections have risen as the relentless mania just trends right along. We may as well take advantage, right? I’ve added a couple of swing trade chart picks that look well positioned to do just that.

What about all those sell signals? Failed again. Short sellers are setting themselves up as targets in a carnival shooting gallery. That’s typical of an entrenched mania.

When and where will it end? I’ve posted near term and longer term projections based on current trends and cycles.

Explosive Rally Ahead, or Plotz

The current setup has the potential for an explosive rally. It doesn’t guarantee it, but we want to be prepared to take advantage if it happens. By the same token, we want to be alert for the signs that this could go south on us.

The charts, tables and discussion in this report show what to look for, with some ideas on how to trade it.