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Travel Schedule

I will be traveling Tuesday-Thursday. The Precious Metals update will not be posted on Tuesday. Other postings will depend on time and conditions permitting. Please check here at the usual times for announcements.

Ominous Portents in Consumer Sentiment

Consumer Sentiment Long Term- Click to enlarge

While the media focuses on the meaningless short term squiggles in consumer confidence indicators, I like to look at the long term trend. I like it because US consumers in the aggregate are far better forecasters of markets and the US economy than are the professional economic and financial pundits who are so focused on…

The Fed in Danger – The New York Sun

It would surprise us if Chairman Janet Yellen of the Federal Reserve were not already huddling with lawyers about the danger ahead. That’s our take-away from her testimony this week with the oversight committees in the House and Senate. We don’t mean to suggest that Mrs. Yellen is in peril for any personal wrongdoing. We…