Lee Adler

Fed Stays On Course, But Watch Out for the PBoC

With QE virtually ended by year end and a low level of MBS purchases going forward, especially if bond yields increase, the markets will be getting insignificant assistance from the Fed. However, that will not be the case with the world’s other major central banks all of whom pump funds into the same worldwide liquidity…

Where Will Traders Sell First and Ask Questions Later?

The market threatened to break down, and as I listened to Bloomberg today in the car today it “sounded” heavy, with repeated attempts at flotation sinking back. There’s a clear line in the sand, below which traders may sell first and ask questions later. This report shows where that is along with other indicator keys.

CATEGORY CORRECTED – Has The Time Come To Turn Bearish?

In the course of hastily posting this report, I posted it under the wrong Category heading originally. Thanks to subscriber Cliff for bringing this to my attention. This report is part 2 of the daily market update. There will be no Treasury update, and this report was not a Fed Report but I will post a Fed Report as soon as possible after the FOMC announcement. I am back at home base in Florida and I will resume the regular publication schedule this evening. Thank you for your patience and support. – Lee