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As summer draws to a close, I will be taking a short break for grandchildren’s weekend (or grandparents?) this weekend. The usual Friday and weekend Professional Edition posts will not be published Friday through Sunday. There’s really nothing new to report anyway! Regular publication will resume on Monday. Enjoy what’s left of summer!

Record Low Initial Unemployment Claims Correlate With Looming Stock Market Collapses

Initial Claims and Stock Prices- Click to enlarge

Contrary to conventional wisdom, extremely low initial unemployment claims have an ominous track record. Since the initial unemployment claims data first set a record low in September 2013, I have pointed out that record low claims suggest a distorted, overheated, bubble top economy. On each occasion over the past 42 years when claims have reached a…

Lee Adler Talks About The Fed’s Rigor Mortis Market With Lindsay Williams

Lindsay Williams of South Africa’s Fine Business Radio and CNBC Africa chatted with me today about the Fed, the end of QE, and inflation.

Listen here or the player below.

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