Lee Adler

Gold Bull Market or Big Bear Market Rally?

Gold has reached a major resistance trendline. While 3 year cycle indicators suggest an up phase in that cycle, what happens from here will determine whether this move is part of a new bull market or just a massive bear market reaction rally. Here are the charts, the details, and the keys to look for in…

Gold Goes Parabolic

With this morning’s rally through resistance at 1200 projections for all but the 4 week cycle have been hit and the price has reached a major resistance level. Here’s what to expect for the key time frames.

US Bank Loans and Deposits Keep Growing as European Banking System Goes Haywire

US bank deposits and loans continue to grow rapidly. The same cannot be said for Europe, where we now have the monthly banking system data for December (Fed reports US data weekly). As you know if you are even minimally familiar with the headlines on Germany’s giant douchebank Deutsche Bank, negative interest rates joined at the hip with QE in Europe have been a disaster. They have promoted loan shrinkage and deposit growth, exactly the opposite of what was intended.