Lee Adler

Why The Market Is Like Butter

It just keeps getting churned! With the market again going nowhere, short term cycle projections edged higher to the 2140-55 range. They do not suggest a breakout, only the possibility of more churning to slightly higher highs. This report covers what to expect over the next 2 months and beyond, depending on what happens as this…

Gold’s Condition Now Critical

Gold is holding at a cluster of trendlines around 1185. 4 week through 13 week cycle projections all point lower, with time counts indicating plenty of time to get there. This report shows where support lies, and the current cycle projections, and longer term outlook if it breaks.


The market reversed Tuesday’s losses. What looked like a lead pipe cinch that the 13 week cycle top was in, is now very much in doubt. So far, the upside projection for the 13 week and shorter cycles still looks no higher than 2135-36. A 10-12 month cycle projection of 2185-2235 by mid July is…