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Beware of the Rub That Will Irritate Markets

We know that total liquidity is still growing. The Fed is still printing and pumping money into the system at an historic rate. That rate is well above the norms of the original QE back in 2009-10, but well below the peak panic levels of March and April. The Fed has been dialing it back from the extreme pumping it reached at the market bottom in March.

Ay, but theres’s a rub, and it’s not barbecue. It’s an irritant. And the markets won’t like it.

Wild, Woolly, Illiquid

Last week was wild and wooly. The volatility suggests illiquidity, which at this stage is not bullish. It’s consistent with the idea I’ve espoused in Liquidity Trader reports that the Fed not supplying sufficient liquidity to support an uptrend.

But the technical stuff says, “Ay! Not so fast!”