Tim Knight

Thursday’s Five

This is a big earnings week. Here are five important companies that are announcing their quarterly earnings on Thursday. I have shown the portion of the chart I believe is most germane.

Gunning for Success

FEEDThe non-lethal weapon maker Axon (symbol AAXN) is one I’ve mentioned a gazillion times, and it keeps thriving. Here’s the long-term chart, and it’s something to behold: With the latest breakout to new lifetime highs, it’s in…

Fastly Overrated

I like patterns, but they certainly are not infallible. Earlier this week, the relatively new stock Fastly (symbol FSLY) was sporting a fantastic-looking pattern, including a new lifetime high. It’s just the kind of stock you would want to ow…

The Dish Decision

I offer you greetings, once again, from the empty, eerie parking garage of the Stanford Shopping Center. Once the bustling destination for vapid trophy wives and desperately insecure men, this shrine to consumerism has been unsullied