Tim Knight

Mining Indications

FEEDThe biggest options position of my life is all about XME (the metals & mining ETF). This beast moves slowly, so my puts are way, way out in January and March of next freakin’ year. But here are a couple of sets of indicators with recent h…


Below is the chart of Nautilus (NLS). Ummm, any thoughts on why this thing has gone up THOUSANDS of percent in the past few months?!?!

Will the Saucer Hold?

FEEDFor the countless complexities in this market, it really comes down to this simple shape: Due to unprecedented manipulation, interference, and “stimulus”, the market managed to carve out a basing pattern. It broke out. In merely three d…

Magic Flop

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know that Magic Leap is the Duke Nukem of the high-tech world. These clowns have raised literally billions of dollars and haven’t shipped dick.