Market Update

Professional Edition Takes A Break!

The Wall Street Examiner Professional Edition will be on vacation from July 4 through July 8. Publication of Professional Edition posts will resume on July 9. Professional Edition reports will not be posted during that time. Thanks for subscribing and supporting this research. It has been my pleasure to serve you. If you have not…

SPX, Flares, and Booms

The market surged again on Thursday, reaching a cluster of resistance trendlines at 1985, that had been earlier cycle projections. Those projections have moved higher in recent days. Here is where the market is likely to be headed.

Bears Complaints Fall on Deaf Ears

Cycle projections on the market averages crept higher again today and the 13 week cycle projection is now firmly in the round number camp. The market isn’t listening to the bears lamentations. Central bank money pumping remains in control of the rigging for the time being. Here’s what the technical indicators portend about the next…