Market Update

Where Will Traders Sell First and Ask Questions Later?

The market threatened to break down, and as I listened to Bloomberg today in the car today it “sounded” heavy, with repeated attempts at flotation sinking back. There’s a clear line in the sand, below which traders may sell first and ask questions later. This report shows where that is along with other indicator keys.

CATEGORY CORRECTED – Has The Time Come To Turn Bearish?

In the course of hastily posting this report, I posted it under the wrong Category heading originally. Thanks to subscriber Cliff for bringing this to my attention. This report is part 2 of the daily market update. There will be no Treasury update, and this report was not a Fed Report but I will post a Fed Report as soon as possible after the FOMC announcement. I am back at home base in Florida and I will resume the regular publication schedule this evening. Thank you for your patience and support. – Lee