Market Update

When It Comes to Bearish Indicators, Trust But Verify

Cycle screening indicators weakened on Monday. The aggregate indicator dipped. The indications for the 6 month cycle, the big daddy of swing trading swing cycles, were particularly troublesome. But extreme weakness in these indicators in the past has been associated with intermediate or major bottoms in the past. Here’s why this time may be different.

Market Is Coming To a Head

The market’s indecisive pattern may be coming to a head, which should lead to a pop one way or the other. While collateral spatter is likely, at least such a pop would clear this thing up. Oozing sideways is always a possibility but it seems a lesser likelihood given the market’s recent erratic and volatile…

How Do You Prepare For The Unexpected?

With cycle screening measures on a mad dash to get back to positive territory in record time after a record drop, it raises the questions of when this instability will either calm down or result in a catastrophic failure, how we’ll know which it will be, and when. One thing is certain. This remark reminds…