Market Update

Market Stronger Than Dirt

Cycle screening measures remain extremely strong. The last time the aggregate measure was above +1000 for 8 straight days was in October of last year, and before that, March 2009. But it may not mean the same thing this time. This report covers what the numbers portend.

These Indications Say A Pullback Is Coming

The slight pullback today caused several cycle screening measures to form patterns that normally indicate that a short term pullback or consolidation is imminent. However, the patterns continue to look like those of October 2013. This report considers these factors and gives the outlook.

Cyclical Screening Measures Keep Confirming

Cycle screening measures were mixed, with intermediate term measures stronger, and shorter term measures decaying after last week’s surge. Such decay is normal and not necessarily a danger signal until there’s a material increase in new sell signals, which has not happened yet. The pattern in the aggregate measure continues to look like the pattern…


There’s no antonym for crash, so I made one up. This market seems destined to fit the criteria of an “official” crashup. And the indicator say there’s more to come. This report covers how much more, and where the obstacles may lie.

Cycle Screens Still Favor The Bulls

Cycle screening measures were mixed today, with new short term signals softer but other measures about even or stronger. The overall net change was insignificant. The aggregate measure remains strongly positive in spite of 4 days of slight weakening. This report covers why this still suggests a bullish tilt.