Market Update

Was It Massive Thrust or Just a Thin Market?

The market returned to test the highs. Short term cycles are on the buy side and the 13 week cycle would resynchronize from last week’s low if the market takes out the highs. That would tend to validate new cycle projections for higher levels on the S&P. This report discusses the new targets and what…

Cycle Screening Measures Set Up For Big Move

The last two times the screening measures had a one day jump of this magnitude the market launched sustained intermediate upswings, in each case gaining over 250 points within the space of 2 to 5 months. Here are the particulars, along with the reason I’m not ready to jump on the bandwagon.

Rats on Speed

The market is scurrying around like a bunch of crazed rats fed a dose of crystal meth. The hints that an intermediate bottom was forming that started showing up earlier in the week in no way foreshadowed a turn that would come so quickly and ferociously. It’s a symptom of just how thin this market…

Stock Market Exhibits Crash Like Behavior

It’s not just the fact that the early rally reversed so decisively. New cycle projections point much lower, and clear support on the charts is even lower than that. Here are the particulars, including the current targets, and the number the market needs to beat to signal an upside reversal.