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Q4 Obliterates The Case For QE And ZIRP

The most important number in today’s Q4 GDP update was 2.3%. That’s the year/year change in real final sales from Q4 2013. As an analytical matter it means that the Great Slog continues with no sign of acceleration whatsoever. Indeed, the statistical truth of the matter is that this year’s result amounted to a slight deceleration—–since the Y/Y gain…

Chicago Business Barometer Collapses To Lowest Level Since 2009 But Germany’s Bundstag Backs Greek Bailout Extention)


The Chicago Business Barometer has collapsed below 50 to its lowest point since 2009. And I thought that the German Bundestag backing the Greek bailout extension would be cause for celebration! Or are we just watching the net installment of the horror series “Saw”? Another tip of the hat to Jesse’s Cafe Americain! Speaking of SAW […]