Tim Knight

Slipping into G20

FEEDWelcome to the final five days of the first half of 2019. It’s a pretty quiet morning, in spite of the looming G20 meeting and the all-too-important China/US trade talks re-ignition. I was pleased to see that, following this G20, there isn&#8…

Palo Alto Home Prices Plunge

FEEDI’ve lived in Palo Alto since 1984. The local papers around here (the Palo Alto Weekly and the Daily News) are funded almost entirely through ads for real estate, so it’s pretty easy to keep one’s pulse on real estate by way of ho…

Restaurant Stock Shorts

FEEDFor some reason, restaurant shorts are doing especially well lately. Here are a couple of my favorites: Texas Roadhouse: And Papa Johns International:
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Mining Island – XME Chart

FEEDThere has been an interesting reversal pattern with the metals & mining fund, symbol XME. This island reversal was intriguing enough for me to add to my existing short of XME with an updated stop-loss price of 28.05: SlopeCharts has the ability…

Lead. Gravy. Very Small Rocks.

First of all, Happy Equinox to everyone. As a person who has to walk large dogs in the morning before the squirrels wake up, I am glad to know that from here on out, days will be getting shorter. These 5 a.m. wake-ups get old after a while. I was g…

Cue Qudian (QD)

FEEDQudian continues its steady march higher. Just 4% more,and the pattern will be complete. As a reminder, my target is $13 if the pattern completes.
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