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Get Ready for the Coming Bond Market Bloodbath

Janet Yellen has now confirmed that the Treasury will run out of money in October, as we already knew from our tracking of the data.  Congress will be forced to raise the debt ceiling. Treasury supply will mushroom at the same time as the Fed begins to cut its market support operations. The RRP slush fund will affect the timing of the coming disaster. But we know its coming and we have a good idea of when.

Meanwhile the BLS has fomented a completely false picture of inflation. I explain that in this report. It’s blatant.

Constructive Signs for Gold Digging

The cycle picture is hazy. The table at left (subscriber version) is my best guess. A short term low is due, but at a lower projection. The would-be 13-17 week cycle up phase has gone nowhere, despite a new projection that points higher. If it doesn’t get out of this range soon, it would suggest the possibility of a wicked down phase ahead. If the price holds above the May-August downtrend line as shown on this chart (subscriber version), that would be constructive

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