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About The WSE

The Wall Street Examiner is at the cutting edge of financial analysis and commentary. The WSE represents the work of analysts and bloggers who specialize in a variety of investment segments. Their work covers subjects from daily analysis of the Fed’s open market operations, and the impact of the US Treasury in the markets, to options, stock, precious metals and currency trading, investment strategies, and more general observations about the state of the markets and our financial system.

Each of the WSE’s writers is an expert in the field in which he writes. Unlike too many financial journalists, the WSE’s writers know their subjects on the basis of long, first hand experience working in the field or studying the subject. They were chosen by Editor in Chief Lee Adler for their unique ability to communicate their invaluable insights in a way that is clear, easy to understand, and fun to read, for both professionals and the average investor.

Unlike major investment media outlets, which are more like infomercials for the Wall Street distribution machine, the WSE aims to give its readers an unbiased, picture of the investment world unfiltered through the bullishly colored glasses of the mainstream media. The mainstream media reports through the prism of the hundreds of millions of supporting advertising dollars spent by the giants of Wall Street. In some cases, like CNBC, they are no more than the public relations arms of one of those giants. These media giants report on the very same companies and institutions from which they accept these hundreds of millions as if they are unbiased observers, when in fact the opposite is true. They have a deep and ever present bias in favor of the business of the distribution of financial paper. The aim of the Wall Street Examiner is to be the antithesis of that, to expose to its readers the ideas and market actions that are really important for them to know, and about which the major media are deliberately silent.

The WSE-Professional Edition is the subscriber-based service published by Lee Adler. Lee is now publishing his unique combination of cyclical, technical, and liquidity analysis in the Wall Street Examiner – Professional Edition. His work is an outgrowth and extension of the original cycle theories of JM Hurst. It covers cyclical analysis of the stock and bond markets, the US Dollar and precious metals, as well as his proprietary analysis of the impact of Fed Open Market Operations and US Treasury auctions in the financial markets on a daily basis.

Lee believes that while cyclical analysis can inform us as to the market’s propensity, it is liquidity that decides whether those propensities will be fulfilled. By carefully analyzing the ebb and flow of liquidity from their primary sources, we can get an edge in the use of our technical tools for assessing current conditions, and forecasting the changes which are most likely in the foreseeable future.

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