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About My Twitter Ban – UPDATE

Update- I’ve been moaning and groaning to the Twitter “support” to no avail. I guess that saying that the dead guy who ran Subway died for eating his own shit sandwiches is an unforgiveable sin. This after Bloomberg wrote a long form piece ripping the guy to shreds.

I mean he’s dead. I asked Twitter what the offense was, but haven’t heard back. Nor do I expect to.

6/16/21 –

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after doing this online stuff for over 20 years, it’s that my “approach” appeals to very, very few people. I think it takes a certain level of weirdness that few normal people aspire to. No, bros and sistahs, t’aint easy finding curious, like minded travelers in this cesspool of Wall Street economic establishment misinformation.

Twitter is my primary conduit for reaching new readers. Hopefully, some of the new folks who see my post tweets, then visit here, will be interested in subscribing to Liquidity Trader. First, I have to get them (you?) here, then be interesting and entertaining enough to hold their (your?) interest.

If you subscribe to LT, you are members of a select group of my crazy friends who provide me with enough gruel and potatoes so that I can continue to serve you well into old age. That way I can keep reminding you of Rule No. One, not to fight the Fed, even if you hate the bastards. And Rule No. 2, not to fight the tape, i.e. the trend is our friend, even if we hate that bastard, too. With your help, I’ll continue doing that for at least for another twenty years, when I plan to retire, at age 90.

Unfortunately, yesterday, I stepped over the decorum line on Twitter, for which I humbly apologize. There was a thread there about the horrible co-founder of Subway who apparently ate too many of his shit sandwiches. He died a few years ago after ruining the company.

Bloomberg wrote a nasty expose about this nasty guy, and tweeted a link to it.

In response I tweeted a comment about it, including a reference to his death and the shit sandwiches. Twitter  determined that I had broken their rules against abuse, and banned me from Tweeting for a week.

This was about a dead guy. A bad dead guy. Who ran a company that makes shit sandwiches in smelly sandwich shops. I was just adding some truthful color to the issue. Apparently, the Bloomberg piece that I was responding to was pretty critical of the dead guy as well. But it probably didn’t say “shit sandwich,” which I think was my mistake. Or linking it to his death?

So Twitter banned me for a week for that. I keed you naught.

I think that their banning algo is a little out of control. I have appealed to the mysterious Twitter  powers that be to have mercy on my soul for this transgression and to reinstate me.

My hopes aren’t that high. I doubt that this post will help my case. As with the police the world over, they are a little out of control out there in the interlands

For example, just this week Microsoft blocked my emails to Liquidity Trader paying subscribers who get their email via Hotmail. Microsoft said I was a spammer. What? Subscribers are PAYING! to receive these post notifications.

So, first I had research what the heck was causing Mr. Softee to reject my emails to these paying subscribers on Hotmail. Then I had to dig deep to find a link to where I could file an appeal. Then I had to get through two layers of an appeal process to get to a human being who finally reversed that decision. 

Do I really have time for this crap while I’m trying to produce meaningful, insightful research and analysis for you? Hell no. I’m a one man shop. I do my own IT, customer service, troubleshooting, etc. etc., on top of the research, writing, and publication that I do every day. Glitches caused by out-of-control behemoths who run the world are not my favorite things to deal with.

No t’ain’t easy being an independent, intrepid researcher, analyst, commentator, philosopher, pundit, and generally cranky old guy, these days. But I do my best. I try.

If you appreciate that effort, I have a favor to ask. If you are on Twitter, please help me out and send a tweet about any posts you like here, or on LT, or Capitalstool for the next week. If you send me a link to your tweet via the contact form below, I’ll send you a complimentary copy of my latest Liquidity Trader report. Just let me know whether you are interested in the Monetary Trends report or Technical Trader. I’ll send you the latest, with my thanks.

And if you are already a subscriber, I’ll add a complimentary month to your subscription right now as a thank you. Come to think of it, I’ll do that for new subscribers too (subject to completion of the 90 day trial period).

And that’s the way it is! Don’t fight the Fed! Live long and prosper! Good night and good luck!




  1. Pretzel Logic

    A couple years back, I started an anonymous Twitter account… whereupon I soon learned that even if you NEVER violate TOS (so they can’t rightly ban you directly), they will just shadowban you and then your posts are never seen. I’ve observed/studied this in some depth since then and have determined that their mods are almost entirely driven by politics. It’s getting that way everywhere online. Liberalism is dead in America, replaced by a creeping totalitarianism that calls itself “progressive.”

    Anyway, I’ll try to remember to throw out a link for you at some point. You don’t owe me anything for it, though. I still feel I owe you.

    Hope everything else is well, Lee.

  2. Lee Adler

    You paid me a million times with the Capitalstool Greenspeuman logo. 😁 By the way, if you have a full res version of that, I’d pay for it! 😊 Mine is long lost. I love that little guy!

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