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Bears Still In Charge, Precursor to Bond Market Crash Signal 11/24/21

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We have a new, wider downtrend channel, with a 5 day cycle projection of 4645 on the ES, S&P fugutures.


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Underweighting the Negative Signs

Beware- Debt Ceiling Uncertainty Darkens the Outlook

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Posted  8:55 AM ET

The euro is getting crushed, now down to $1.12 USD.

The one year cycle projection is 1.095 USD, and that might not be the last word.


Buttcoin doesn’t look too bearish yet. This looks like an intermediate correction in a longer uptrend. Butt, the 6 month cycle projection looks around 50,000. If it gets there, it would break the longer uptrend and set up something that looks like a massive top.


I have hated fixed income since last summer. This chart says that that hatred will again be proven to be an act of love.


But are BTC and the US 10 year yield finally about to part ways. Stay tuned for the next episode of Loves of or Lives, or Lives of our Loves.

Beware- Debt Ceiling Uncertainty Darkens the Outlook

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