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Whoever the Culprit Is, Did Us a Favor 7/26/21

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I don’t know whether the culprit is or Trading View, but they wiped out my saved chart drawings on the intraday charts I post here. So much the better. I had to start over, and now we have a nice clean view of the trends. Things were getting a little cluttered there with umpteen crisscrossing uptrend channels at various angles.

By the way, did you know that crisscrossing is spelt without a hyphen. I didn’t know that until spelt check corrected me.

Anyway, here’s the new, more boring, but clearer hourly bar chart. It seems that at 10:15 Central European Time, 4:15 AM ET Nuovo Jork time, our 5 day uptrend is busted. At the same time, it means that a 5 day cycle low is due. But where? It’s too early in the downturn for projections, even the 2-3 day cycle variety. Spport is suggested around 4370. If that breaks, we could finally be in for some woohoo on the short side.

But if it holds, more of the same… sigh…


Meanwhile, big picture stuff.

Prices Show Us Not to Argue with Mother Market

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