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Hello Something Different 7/1/21

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A little later today, I’ll be off on my travels to Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Czechia, and Germany. I’m saying farewell to Zadar, just as yesterday it seemed to say farewell to me!


I will pack my trusty laptop snugly in its favorite backpack, so that I grab it from time to time and work along the way, publishing Liquidity Trader, the Wall Street Examiner, and keeping our little group of friends here up to date on my thoughts about the daily market squiggles from time to time.

I don’t know how much posting I will be doing today. I’ll be on a bus for 6 hours, heading from Zadar to Ljubljana, Slovenia.  For now, at 3:15 AM in New York here’s how the hourly ES chart looks.

The same.

The end.

As in the same trend channel the market has been in since June 21. As in slight new highs. As in still with reverse head and shoulders breakout measured move targets of 4315 and 4350. The first is all but a done deal. The second looks likely too, just not this week.


There’s not enough fluctuation for a 5 day cycle projection. On a 2-3 day basis we’re looking at 4308. They’ve broken through the top of the megaphone pattern at 4295. That and 4290 look like s-port. Breakouts of rising trendlines often signal acceleration, if they’re not immediately reversed into a false breakout.

A band of trendlines from 4301-05 should present resistance. If not, the next would be currently around 4315. They’re all rising. Here comes the judge.

Ciao! I’ll check in whenever possible!

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