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Message Board Back in Business and So Is the Stock Market

The latest update of our message board software at Capitalstool briefly broke the site. I couldn’t post over there this morning, so did our AM update here. The good news is that the board problem was just a network caching issue and we’re up and running again.

During the 6-7 AM hour in New York, we’ve had a little downtick in the futures that have broken one uptrend, but left several softer ones intact. Key support lines are at 4266, 4258, and 4253. If they hold, bulls remain in charge. If they break, bears have a shot.

5 day cycle indicators are heading down, but still up in positive territory, and above recent prior lows, so this is still bullish.

I’ll post updates here while the message board is down.

Ciao for now!


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