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Play Ball! Stock Market Swings For the Fences in Season Opener

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I’m running way late this morning. We just started daylight savings time here in Europe this weekend, and I overschlepped. So I’ll just start with this and get back to you shortly.

    Play Ball! Stock Market Swings For the Fences in Season Opener


        Friday’s rally appears to support that we’re in the early days of a 6 month cycle up phase. We have been expecting it in this time window.  Ditto for the 10-12 month cycle, which has been trending anyway. Those two cycles should now be in gear to the upside for a few months. This would normally cause shorter cycles to resync from that low, and also to have extended uplegs.

        This weekend’s screens of some 9000 listed stocks generated a whopping 163 short term signals from key levels. An equally impressive 155 were on the buy side. Furthermore, three of the sell signals were on inverse ETFs. Therefore 158 signals were bullish. Only 5 were bearish. This suggests a big turn with lots of thrust. It’s consistent with a 6 month cycle upturn.

        But I was underwhelmed when I viewed those charts. Most were ambiguous. This doesn’t give me enough to conclude that we’re going to have a sustained power move.

        From my visual review, I chose 8 charts which appeared to have good potential for a decent sized swing move. All were buys. If this works out as it should, we’ll get 2 or 3 runners from this group while the rest have small gains or small losses.

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