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Take Care of Mom and Dad Because US COVID Deaths Just Broke Out

You already know that the US COVID 19 daily infection rate has been breaking records daily. Yesterday, that number was 61,428 new infections, and it has been trending relentlessly higher.

COVID Daily Infections US

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But I’m not here to tell you what you already know. I’m here to break news.

The Trump Regime and its minions like Mo Ron DeSantis in state governments have been telling us that the infection rate isn’t a problem because the death rate is way down. That’s good news, they say.

Well not anymore. On Tuesday, the number of daily deaths broke out of a 3 week base, with 993. That continued on Wednesday with 890. Today at 1 PM Eastern Time the number was 380 and it has been rising by an average of 90 per hour. 30 states haven’t even reported yet.  By the end of today, the number should be well over 1000.

COVID 19 Deaths US

Since June 12, the daily death rate had been no more than 871. Yesterday, the 7 day moving aveage also turned up for the first time since a temporary 1 day uptick on June 2. Deaths lag the onset of disease by several weeks, and the reporting of those deaths lag by several more. With case numbers surging, this time the uptick in deaths  won’t be temporary.

And it’s much worse in the states driving the increase.

Texas Covid 19 Deaths

California Covid 19 Deaths

Arizona Covid 19 Deaths

These are just 3 examples. Charts with big increases over the past two days are popping up in a number of states. This has all the earmarks of the beginning of a widespread trend.

The death rate had fallen for two reasons. Doctors have done a better job of keeping people alive as they learned more about the disease. They have found existing meds that help them in that effort. But there’s a limit to that progress until new, more effective treatments and vaccines come along.  They are months away.

Seniors and others at risk have learned more about how to stay out of harm’s way, and have done their best to do that. The infection rate is now soaring among people in their 20s and 30s, who probably won’t die if they get it, and who are convinced of their invulnerability and have behaved accordingly in some regions.

The infection rate among people over 60 has gone down.

Unfortunately, many of those seniors bred and raised idiot children and grandchildren who have thrown caution to the wind, or simply don’t give a shit if they get infected, because they know they probably won’t die.

The problem is that some of them don’t care whom they then infect if they do catch the virus. Or they don’t know that they have the virus because they’re among the 20% of carriers who have no symptoms.

They run around shopping and socializing maskless all week. They eat in crowded restaurants, drink in crowded bars. Then they stop by their grandparents or parents for dinner or to drop off their laundry every week.

Maybe they’ll start to care when their parents and grandparents drop dead. 

The pandemic is a shit show in the US, and the stank is going to stick around for a while. So if you’re of a certain age, be smart around your kids and grandkids. Do it especially if you bred them to be idiots who don’t wear masks when they’re out in public, who don’t social distance, and most important, who don’t care enough to stay far enough away from you to keep their stinking germs off your plate of pasta when they come for dinner.

Year, we’re all in this together, blah blah blah. But forget about “loving thy neighbor.” We don’t need to care about doing unto others. We can be selfish. Just do what we need to do to keep our parents and grandparents alive. OK?

Is that too much to ask?

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