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US COVID19 Cases and Deaths Declining in Northeast, Increasing in the South

The numbers continue to improve for the COVID19 epicenter in the Northeast. The following chart looks at the numbers on a week to week basis for Thursday May 14, and May 7. New cases were down by 25% and daily deaths fell by 46%. Total cases rose 7% on the week. Deaths were down by 46%.

Most of these states have just begun to relax restrictions. New Jersey has not yet done so.

COVID19 Cases and Deaths Northeast US
Source: COVID Tracking Project

The story was not as good for the South. New cases increased by 699 Thursday to Thursday, an increase of 16%. For the week, there were 29,352 new cases, an increase of 18%. Daily deaths increased19%, Thursday to Thursday.

Most of the states in this grouping relaxed restrictions at the end of April, or early in May.



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