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Let The Treasury Bombing Runs Begin

Between today and Thursday, the US Treasury will pound the market with $194 billion in net new supply. The total since March 24 will be $283 billion.

This is only the first installment of many weeks like this as the coronavirus checks go out.

Liquidity moves markets!

Follow the money. Find the profits! 
Date Security Type Total Offering Total Publicly
Held Maturing
Net New Cash or
(Pay Down)
04/02/2020 Bills $153,000 $80,035 $72,965
04/01/2020 Bills $45,000 $0 $45,000
03/31/2020 Bills $170,000 $93,517 $76,483
03/31/2020 Coupons $125,000 $82,478 $42,522
03/27/2020 Coupons $18,000 $0 $18,000
03/26/2020 Bills $110,000 $105,888 $4,112
03/24/2020 Bills $110,000 $88,992 $21,008

Source: US Treasury Tactical and Strategic Market Bombing Planning Unit

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