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How Wall Street’s Party Keeps Going While They Keep The Public In The Dark


House prices comprise the most important measure of inflation that is ignored by the Fed and mainstream economists. It’s not included in the CPI or PCE. Instead, the BLS and BEA use a ginned up measure called Owner’s Equivalent Rent (OER) which has substantially understated actual house price inflation, particularly in the past 4 years. Read the…

Mea Culpa- ECB Did No Emergency Funding for Brexit

I have previously reported this erroneously on Twitter and on the message board that the ECB issued €399.3 in emergency loans on the day of Brexit. The €399.3 billion LTRO offering of June 29 had been previously scheduled and was not emergency Brexit funding. Several blogs had reported that the ECB had issued this emergency…

Fed Sponsored Housing Inflation Makes Buying A House A Dangerous Game

House Prices Inflating- Click to enlarge

Click here for an update of this report. A falling percentage of American households can afford to buy houses as prices rise and incomes fail to keep pace. Yet, the sale prices of existing housing keep inflating. According to the NAR, which publishes the median and average sale prices after sales have settled, the prices of existing houses rose…