Wall Street Examiner Exclusives

Wall Street Examiner exclusives

Oh Yeah, About That Con Con Con

Perspective on the Con Con Com - Click to enlarge

As usual, the Conference Board and all the major media press release repeaters put a positive spin on the highest reading of Consumer Confidence (aka the Con Con Con) since October 2007. None of the media echo chamber reports pointed out that October 2007 was the beginning of the worst bear market in US stocks since 1973-74.…

How The US Government Deliberately and Systematically Understates Inflation


The US Government has been deliberately and systematically understating inflation since 1983. This video shows how the BLS does it. This is a segment from the June 27 Radio Free Wall Street video for subscribers. The remainder of the program discusses why July could be rocky for stocks, and why real time data Federal tax…

Ominous Portents in Consumer Sentiment

Consumer Sentiment Long Term- Click to enlarge

While the media focuses on the meaningless short term squiggles in consumer confidence indicators, I like to look at the long term trend. I like it because US consumers in the aggregate are far better forecasters of markets and the US economy than are the professional economic and financial pundits who are so focused on…

Initial Claims Below Record Lows Of Housing Bubble Show Economic Distortion, Overheating

Initial Unemployment Claims Per Million Workers- Click to enlarge

Initial claims for unemployment are below bubble record levels after first reaching that extreme in September of last year. The warning signs of a distorted, maladjusted, overheated economy continue. The headline, seasonally adjusted (not actual) number for initial unemployment claims for the week ended July 12,  the 27th week of the year, was 302,000, which was 11,000…