Wall Street Examiner Exclusives

Wall Street Examiner exclusives

On CNBC, The Numbers May Be Different, But the Tune Never Changes

This is an excerpt from the Pro Trader Weekly Federal Revenues Report. Federal Revenues Pro Trader subscribers (or Professional Edition), click here to download complete report in pdf format. One of the benefits of being aboard ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is that I don’t stay online watching the market all day. The…

Speak No Evil Financial Media Says No Housing “Inflation”, Only “Growth and Gains”

Home Sales and Inventory- Click to enlarge

Recent media reports indicate that house prices are rising so I was curious to see how often today’s news reports on the Case Shiller house price index mentioned “inflation.” I also wanted to see just how bad housing inflation is. Lo and behold, in reading the news reports I learned that there is no inflation…

The Fed’s Rate Hike Hoax- There Is No Short Term Money Market

There Is No Fed Funds Market - Click to enlarge

The Fed has “raised interest rates” (wink-wink). Its primary tools in this make believe policy are interest on excess reserves (IOER) and the interest paid on reverse repos (RRP). The new Fed Funs target rate is now 25-50 bp. Fed Funs were reported to be trading at a weighted average rate of 36 bp on December 22.