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Wall Street Examiner exclusives

Media Reports It Wrong Again – Housing Starts Actually Plunged In November

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Don’t believe everything you read in the mainstream media. Especially don’t believe anything in the financial news media until you’ve looked at the data yourself.  It’s no wonder investors are so often caught flatfooted in the markets. Financial “journalists” feed their readers and viewers a constant stream of misinformation and bad data. Financial reporters are so atrocious…

Lee Adler Tells Lindsay Williams What Went Wrong This Year and What to Look for in 2015

Lindsay Williams of South Africa’s Fine Business Radio and CNBC Africa asked me to review 2014 in a nutshell and look ahead to next year. As for this year, apparently hedge funds forgot the two oldest rules in the book. And next year the Fed and ECB will face big problems in trying to continue to rig the markets and interest rates.

I misspoke on the crude futures positions. Specs record long, not short. Producers were record short, but the capital destruction occurred because large specs were record long. That contributed to the closing of those 400 hedge funds.

Listen here or the player below.

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