Wall Street Examiner Exclusives

Wall Street Examiner exclusives

Fed Sponsored Housing Inflation Makes Buying A House A Dangerous Game

House Prices Inflating- Click to enlarge

A falling percentage of American households can afford to buy houses as prices rise and incomes fail to keep pace. Yet, the sale prices of existing housing keep inflating. According to the NAR, which publishes the median and average sale prices after sales have settled, the prices of existing houses rose by 4.7% year to year in May. This…

Here’s How Industrial Production Exposes the Manipulation and Misrepresentation In Other Government Data

Industrial Production, Energy, Non Energy - Click to enlarge

If the US economy is growing, then why are industrial production and electric power generation both on downward paths? The Fed’s Industrial Production Indexes are always interesting because they measure units of production. There’s no price inflation in the data, therefore no need to adjust for it using the government’s questionable inflation data. The Industrial Production…

Actual Consumer Goods Inflation Vs. BLS and Fed Fantasy

Consumer Goods Inflation Vs. BLS and Fed Fantasy Inflation- Click to enlarge

Buried deep in the data tables of the BLS’s Producer Price Index (PPI) for May is an item that reveals the long running fallacies of the CPI and the Fed’s favorite inflation fantasy, the BEA’s Personal Consumption Expenditure price index (PCE). The revealing item is the PPI for finished consumer goods. It represents the price changes that retailers pay…