Sven Henrich

$VIX 50+ Target

$VIX 50+ Target. Do I have your attention? What I’m about to share is not my chart, it’s the Vixen’s chart. And when she posts charts of the $VIX I’ve learned to […]


One down day a bear market does not make, but I’ve been analyzing a lot of market structures lately and have been outlining some of them in context of larger counter rallies […]

Something Smells

Something doesn’t add up and it smells. If you read Fool me Twice you’ve probably sensed that I’m not all that convinced by the “there won’t be a recession” line of argument. […]

Fool Me Twice

There’s no risk of a recession. Everybody says so. Fed Chair Jay Powell says so. Mario Draghi says so. The IMF says so. There seems to be a lot of coordinated certainty […]

Bull Trap

The bulls are back. $SPX up nearly 8% in January and nearly 14% off of the December lows. What slowing global growth? What reduced earnings expectations? Trade wars? Who cares. It’ll all […]

It’s Not Over

The bull case is now obvious, easy Fed and a prospective China deal. What about the bear case? After all $SPX remains below the 200MA, and below the monthly 15MA and is […]


Complacency is back and comes in the form of recession denial in the face of global slowing data. We didn’t see the slowdown coming but we are confident it will not produce […]