Sven Henrich

Triple Trouble

Markets have run into trouble in September and 3 major problems have emerged and unless these problems are solved markets may have to contend with the distinct possibility of having topped for […]

$VIX Uprising

As long time readers know I’m a big fan of $VIX technical structures and compression patterns. Often dismissed as non chartable I think we’ve successfully to put that argument to bed a […]

Key Charts

We’ve just come out of a summer period where nothing seemed to matter with markets relentlessly accelerating high to suddenly everything mattering as we just saw the most aggressive correction off of […]

Panic Buying

The panic buying we’re seeing in $TSLA and $APPL today, following the historic runs into the stock splits effective today, firms my view that we are setting up for something sinister in […]

Tech Signal

As bears are capitulating and markets keep making new highs on the heels of yet another dovish speech by Jerome Powell investors continue to chase historic valuations. Nothing has mattered so far, […]


A brief follow up to Reality Check: As indices, but not the market, keep crawling higher on the unprecedented market expansion in select stocks imbalances are building that suggest reversion risk is […]