Sven Henrich

The Record

March 23, 2020. The day of the bottom and markets never looked back a few intermittent corrections aside. Central bankers have done it again: Print the world out of another crisis and […]


In our age when every market disturbance is subject to intervention don’t be surprised when new intervention is coming. Last week’s bond jiggle got plenty people nervous. Velocity being the operative word […]

VIX Check

In Alternative View I highlighted the $VIX as a key chart to watch in 2021 for it showed longer term structures that suggest a major volatility event is to come at some […]

Technical Pivots

In the spirit of opening the box a bit: Some hopefully educational insights into technical analysis and technical pivots as they are so tremendously important for navigating through these crazy markets.

Yield Shield

Is there no limit to monetary interventions? Are they forever consequence free? Can every economic and market problem be solved by ever more intervention? Anyone like myself that has questioned the efficacy […]