Sven Henrich

The End of Trust

I worry about America. When I was young, despite all its problems, America was greater than life, always beaming with optimism with a vision of a better future always ahead. Now that […]


We’re back in the phase of markets where bears look like idiots and bulls look like geniuses. In 2018, following the US tax cuts, a growing economy and expanding earnings had bears […]

Coming: $VIX launch

Here we go again. The great volatility crushing of markets that happens when markets levitate relentlessly and everyone gets bullish, but don’t let the calm waters during this OPEX week fool you, […]

Industrials: Hmm

As you know from this weekend’s The Case for New Lows, I’m watching larger structural charts closely. One chart that I didn’t include in the video, but perhaps should, have is $XLI, […]

Chart in Focus: $RUT

Just sharing some technical observations here, found the $RUT of interest today namely because it is the one major index that seems to struggle with its 200MA. Remember small caps led in […]

Boeing Danger

Is Boeing the most dangerous stock out there? Is it a major threat to the current market rally, specifically the $DJIA? No I’m not talking about Boeing’s fundamentals. The company looks to […]

Dow Wow

The $DJIA got to within 3% of all time highs yesterday. Quite the feat from being down 20% off the highs just 9 weeks ago. Credit where credit is due: Jawboning works. […]