Jeffrey P. Snider

Chart(s) of the Week: They Just Called You Stupid

India was not alone in having its central bank unexpectedly act in attempted defiance of the “dollar.” There was Indonesia (last week) raising rates, too, and Turkey by a lot more. Argentina was handed the largest bailout (dollar funding) in the IMF’s history. And Brazil, well, that country’s monetary officials called you stupid. Yesterday afternoon,…

The Siren Song

I ended my last piece on Brazil’s depressing state with the following: And the media in the developed world will dismiss all of this as Brazil being Brazil, South America’s basket case reverting to type. The siren song of globally synchronized growth has gripped all commentary, and they aren’t about to let it go now….

Chart of the Week: DB, €, ‘$’

In a week which renewed the world’s mystified acquaintance with Deutsche Bank, there are only a couple charts that could justifiably represent it. The chaos caused by Italy wasn’t, of course, really just Italy. The one to really watch is on the other side of the world. It starts in Europe where Deutsche Bank resides,…