Christopher Whalen

Are Leveraged Loans a Problem? Yes, and No. And YES

In this issue of The Institutional Risk Analyst, we feature a comment from our friend Ralph Delguidice, a veteran fixed income markets observer based in San Francisco. He provides important detail and context to the evolving credit dynamics of leveraged loans and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs). San Francisco | December has been a cruel month for investors in “Leveraged Loans” as winter came in like a lion, early and cold.Primary and CLO spreads have exploded wider suddenly and loan

When the Bid Goes to Zero

New York | Volatile markets have finally made policy makers start to fret about excessive leverage and sky-high asset prices, two results of years of equally excessive monetary policy. Former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, for example, worries from the speaking circuit

Dollar SuperCycle Ends

Housing, stocks and even the dollar currency have all experienced a dangerous bubble trend that continues to be created and driven by the Federal Reserve. Here’s what’s in store for the dollar… Christopher Whalen’s analysis reveals why they are more magnified than ever before…