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Here’s Where Long Term Cycle Projections Now Say The Market Tops Out

The long term trend (cycles longer than 8 years) price projection of 2650 which has been around since June, has been reached. So has long term trend resistance. Other projections point a little higher. That sets up an either/or binary situation. Here’s what to look for. Market Update Pro subscribers click here to download the report. Not yet a subscriber? Try…

Now 12 Longs and 16 Shorts On The Daily Trades List

I have added 3 longs and no shorts to the list today.  The selection algo generated 30 longs and 4 shorts.  As of Monday there will be 12 open longs and 16 open shorts. Here is today’s updated list including new buys, sells, short sales, cover shorts, and updated stops, as well as performance metrics for this month. Market Update…

Worst Liquidity Conditions Since 2008 Coming to a Market Near You

The Treasury issued $152 billion of net new supply in November. Surprisingly that did not cause a drop in stock and bond prices. Instead, dealers and speculators increased their short term borrowing that normally finances bond purchases, and instead shifted the cash to stocks. This is borrowing from the future for speculative profit today. These things typically don’t end well.…

Current Tax Data Shows US Suddenly on the Brink of Recession

Withholding tax collections plunged in the second half of November. This not only broke the year long uptrend in withholding, but has established a downtrend. After adjusting for wage inflation, the year to year comparison is barely positive. It means that the US is barely hanging above recession. Here’s what that means for monetary policy and stock market impacts. It…

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Goodbye, Janet Yellen – Here’s How We’ll Deal with Your Bearish Legacy

Janet Yellen said “Goodbye” to us yesterday.

After studying her moves over the past 4 years, beginning as a harsh critic, I say to her now, “Goodbye Janet, it’s been good to know ya.”

Here’s what Yellen said at her press conference yesterday, and what she has said and done before that caused me to change my opinion. More importantly, here’s why it matters to you and your investments.

You need to understand this, and you need to take action to at least protect yourself, if not profit, from the course that Yellen has set. It is a course that will not be easily changed.

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The “Power Behind the Throne” Is About to Drop a $463 Billion Bomb on the Stock Market

If you’re interested in secret societies and world domination, you’re reading the right article.

Sort of.

“No one puts Baby in the corner,” but someone tells the Treasury what to do.

To be precise, it’s a small, powerful group comprised of some of the most powerful players among Primary Dealers and international banking. It is tasked with recommending to the Treasury how much new paper it will need to issue in the months ahead to cover its deficit and maintain a cash cushion. You don’t hear much about this group – but they’re the “power behind the throne.”

Right now, they’ve just issued guidance for a nefarious $463 billion release – early next year – that could cut the stock market off at the knees.

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The post The “Power Behind the Throne” Is About to Drop a $463 Billion Bomb on the Stock Market appeared first on Lee Adler’s Sure Money.