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Liquidity Noose Tightens On The Bond Market- Here’s Why Stocks Are Next

Treasury auction demand has risen along with supply recently but bond prices keep falling and yields keep rising. Why? Because buyers must liquidate bonds in the secondary market to raise the cash to buy new issues. That’s just one sign of the tightening liquidity noose that is strangling the markets. There are more. Here’s what they are, and why you…

Stocks at a Crossroads

The market is again at a crossroads. A strong start to this week could trigger buy signals on the 10-12 month cycle. But bears could stay in control if certain things happen. This report covers the triggers for both scenarios.

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The Currency of PMI’s

Today is PMI day. Markit Economics released the flash results from several of its key surveys. Included is manufacturing in Japan (lower), as well as composites (manufacturing plus services) for the United States and Europe. Within the EU, Markit offers details for France and Germany. Given the nature of sentiment surveys, we tend to ignore…