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Category: Gold and Mining Stocks Trader

Weekly update of precious metals stocks and ETFs and the price of gold itself, featuring Lee Adler’s proprietary cycle analysis and cycle screens of junior gold stocks, and a couple of majors and ETFs, with market trend opinions and swing trade stock picks.  Click here to subscribe. Now published at Lee Adler’s Liquidity Trader.

Constructive Signs for Gold Digging

The cycle picture is hazy. The table at left (subscriber version) is my best guess. A short term low is due, but at a lower projection. The would-be 13-17 week cycle up phase has gone nowhere, despite a new projection that points higher. If it doesn’t get out of this range soon, it would suggest the possibility of a wicked down phase ahead. If the price holds above the May-August downtrend line as shown on this chart (subscriber version), that would be constructive

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