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Share Doing No Traveling Still Elevated by Covid-19

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In the second half of 2021, the share of people saying they had done no traveling at all in the past 12 months was still seriously elevated in almost every country included in the Statista Global Consumer Survey, highlighting the continuing problems of the travel industry.

Some countries, for example in Asia, hang on to strict quarantine protocols for returning travelers, pushing up the share of those who haven’t traveled. In Japan, it rose 23 percentage points to 56 percent of all respondents. Larger countries – for example China – are not feeling the pain so acutely as domestic travel continues. However, Chinese travelers have also been stuck in regional lockdowns unable to return to their home towns within the country recently, for example in the Gobi desert.

Travel was also still seriously impacted in European countries and the United States, with upwards of 30 percent of respondents saying they hadn’t traveled for a year as of September. The situation was somewhat more relaxed in South Korea and Brazil.

Share of respondents in selected countries who said they didn’t travel in the past 12 months.

share of people doing no traveling

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