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This is a syndicated repost published with the permission of Slope of Hope – Technical Tools for Traders. To view original, click here. Opinions herein are not those of the Wall Street Examiner or Lee Adler. Reposting does not imply endorsement. The information presented is for educational or entertainment purposes and is not individual investment advice.

Powell has continuously offered the canard that, yes, trillions of dollars of fresh fiat have been thrown into the market (mostly his banking buddies), but, magically, inflation will just be a blip. Well, month after month of data seems to be contradicting that, as this morning’s latest report indicates.

The producer price index has become a persistently strengthening creature. It’s like the 1970s called and wants their economy back.

So, between global chaos, a ruined reputation of the United States as a world leader, grotesque wealth distribution, the end of unemployment benefits for millions, and clear, irrefutable evidence that stagflation is back with a vengeance, the market is doing precisely the kind of thing you would expect in this insane asylum.

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