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The U.S. States Hit Hardest By the New COVID Wave

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The new wave of COVID-19 building up in the U.S. as the first after an extensive vaccination campaign has very different effects on the states. Data collected by The New York Times shows that three states – Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi – are seeing an outsized share of cases relative to their populations. All three states counted more than 100 new daily infections on average over the past seven days per 100,000 of their populations.

While Louisiana and Mississippi have experienced some of the slowest vaccination uptake in the country, Florida’s vaccination rate is just one percent below the national average at 50 percent of the population being fully vaccinated. Among the states seeing 51 to 75 new average daily infections per 100,000 people, vaccination rates ranked between 36 percent and 47 percent. For states seeing 25 or fewer, vaccination rates were higher, between 41 percent and 67 percent.

This chart shows average daily COVID-19 cases in U.S. states per 100,000 inhabitants.

covid-19 case rate in US states

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