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The Potato Kings of Europe

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There arguably aren’t any staple foods more loved in Europe by so many than the potato. It’s versatility and longstanding place in culinary culture across the continent make the starchy tubers a must-have for most kitchens. Unlike rice, for example, the European climate is also perfectly suited to their production, too, and there is nowhere in the EU that harvests more potatoes than Germany, as this infographic using Eurostat data illustrates.

In 2020, 55.3 million tonnes of potatoes were harvested in the EU. In terms of production value, the largest share was accounted by by frozen potato products (mostly fries) with a worth of €3.8 billion. Prepared and preserved products, chiefly crisps, were the second most lucrative, generating a value of €3.6 billion.

This chart shows the share of total EU harvested potato production in 2020, by country.

eu potato production share by country

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