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Where Coronavirus Cases Are Growing Fast

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With a second wave of coronavirus infections underway in Europe, countries on the continent are once again the places where the COVID-19 infection numbers are rising quickest. France, Spain and the UK – all epicenters of the virus in spring – are once again displaying curves that are pointing very much upwards. From the Latin American countries which dominated this ranking over the summer, only Argentina still has a rapidly growing outbreak.

Italy and Germany, which held back a second wave for a little longer, are now also exhibiting cumulative infection counts that are rising extremely quickly.

European countries like Belgium and Poland, which were not majorly affected in the first wave, are also seeing their infection curves take a steep turn. Similar scenarios are playing out in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

According to data by the European CDC compiled by Our World in Data, Russia – which had a continuously growing outbreak since the spring, recently saw infection counts rise quicker again.

This chart shows the growth of confirmed COVID-19 cases in selected countries from the day infection numbers hit 100 (2020).

covid-19-growth-curve-selected-countries non-Europe

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