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Lobbying: The Biggest Spenders in the United States

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Lobbying is an incredibly powerful force in U.S. politics, but the extent to which it shapes policies in the country is often little-known among the general public. To get an initial feel for the subject, this infographic uses figures from Center for Responsive Politics to present the organizations that spent the most money on buying influence in DC in 2019.

The US Chamber of Commerce spent the most, with the most common issue being ‘Finance’, folllowed by ‘Torts’ and ‘Law Enforcement & Crime’. The Chamber’s $77.25 million puts it well ahead of the other biggest spenders – Open Society Policy Center in second place spent $48.47 million. The organization focused on the following three issues: Immigration, Foreign Relations, Disaster & Emergency Planning.

Tech giants Amazon and Facebook also make the top list, with the latter predictably most interested in ‘Computers & Information Tech’ but spending on a wide range of topics such as taxes and homeland security.

This chart shows the organizations spending the most on lobbying in the U.S. in 2019.

biggest spending lobby groups united states

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