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20-Year Bond Treasury Auction Results

This is a syndicated repost published with the permission of Treasury Auction Results. To view original, click here. Opinions herein are not those of the Wall Street Examiner or Lee Adler. Reposting does not imply endorsement. The information presented is for educational or entertainment purposes and is not individual investment advice.

CUSIP: 912810SR0
Term and Type: 20-Year Bond
Series: Bonds of May 2040
Reopening: No
Interest Rate: 1.125%
High Yield: 1.220%
Price: $98.321703
Allotted at High: 8.25%
Total Tendered: $52,728,763,800
Total Accepted: $22,099,678,800
Auction Date: 05/20/2020
Issue Date: 06/01/2020
Maturity Date: 05/15/2040

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