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Could You Live on $300 a Week? How About $0? The 99ers Lose Their Insurance – Business – GOOD

Across the country, long-term unemployment insurance is drying up. Some 200,000 unemployed Americans lost access to government benefits earlier this month, most in California. All told, at least 500,000 people will fall off the rolls this year. This is going to be a problem. When workers who are eligible for unemployment insurance lose their jobs, the government…

Rumors and Denials of Rumors

The market rallied higher once again on more rumors (some kind of unworkable bank deposit scheme: what Europe’s loan-deposit ratios look like), and denials of yesterday’s rumors (L-Pap now says Greece to say in EU, blah, blah).  The second chart shows what’s involved with PIIGS banking deposits.  Using hook theory,  trading rumors is the modus operandi, and not just plain rumors; but rather, inside-job rumors.  It’s only a matter of time before this market collapses, but one has to slough through the rigged foul stench along the way. Fund managers scramble all over themselves to load up on “safe” German Bunds and US Treasuries [Bond Funds Prepare for Worst out of Greece].  Looks like an historic top in those. Lee Adler and I conducted a gratis podcast covering actionable points. Among other aspects I mentioned that ”managed money” has positioned themselves short the precious metals at the highest level since 2008. However from a trading perspective, the chart on silver looks negative with convergence overhead. source: GGR