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The Real Way the West Can Impact Ukraine

despite the Russian-controlled natural gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea to northern Germany (Nord Stream) and across Belarus to Poland, most of the Russian natural gas coming to the continent still passes across Ukraine – about 80% in fact. And Europe is still reliant upon this energy flow despite attempts to diversify.

Why Oil Prices Are Down – Money Morning

Oil prices slipped below $93 a barrel Tuesday, continuing a downward trend that started early last month.

Last week, oil prices fell 0.76%, logging a sixth weekly decline, the longest string of losses since 1998. Volume also slid, with futures roughly 41% below the 100-day average.

Oil Stocks: This Disconnect Spells Even Bigger Profits – Kent Moors – Money Morning

There is something very interesting developing in the oil markets right now.

It’s not front page news yet, but it is something that you’ll want to keep an eye on – especially if you want to make money with oil stocks.

It revolves around what’s called “the spread.” In this case it’s the difference in price between West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Brent.