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The Biggest Tech IPOs to Hit the Market- Money Morning

Thursday, micro-blogging site Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) will debut as a publicly traded company on Wall Street’s Big Board. Many analysts – including those at Money Morning – will steer clear of the hotly anticipated IPO – but TWTR has had no trouble generating investor interest.

The San Francisco-based company even increased its price range Monday on roughly 70 million shares from $17 to $20 per share to $23 to $25. The move values the company at a whopping $13.9 billion, or 26 times its revenue over the last 12 months. Twitter hopes to raise as much as $1.75 billion.

1500 A Good Bet In This Game, But First A Few Immunity Challenges

Cycle projections rose on Thursday and are now pointing toward the upper 1400 range. In the latter stages of a move projections tend to be less reliable than the earlier ones, which recently had mostly been in the 1420-1460 range. There are resistance levels below that. Here are the ones to look out for.

Housing Fundamentals Improved, But Not Enough

Housing data in the past couple of months has been mixed. Lagging closed sales data shows prices declining. The problem with that is that the most current data represents sales closed in November, which for the most part were sales that went under contract in September. That tells us nothing about the current market. Real…