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Organized Social Network Resistance Against the Kleptocrats Developing

There is an organized effort afoot to counter the kleptocratic interests that I fight against on this site. Called the AmpedStatusNetwork, it clearly reflects my core principles and I encourage my readers to join and lend their support. There is a call for demonstrations on June 14th around following four principles: * End the campaign finance and lobbying racket * Break up the Fed & Too Big to Fail banks * Enforce RICO laws against organized criminal class * Order Ben Bernanke to step down They have developed a talking point video that is quite strong.  I loved the short speech at the end. Look out Egypt, Greece, Spain, the sleeping giant is awakening [Operation Empire State Anthem].    Their common ground platform: It’s time to mobilize and aggressively move on common sense political reforms. We’ve had enough of… The Two-Party Oligarchy Big Government Big Corporate Power The Concentration of Power It’s time to… Decentralize Create New Political Parties Restore the Rule of Law The economic top one-tenth of one percent of the global population has launched an economic war on us. They are hoarding $39 Trillion in investible wealth, not counting the vast sums they have hidden in offshore accounts. In the [...]