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With strong month, Durable Goods Orders rose 5% over May 2011

6/27/12 May Real Durable Goods Orders, adjusted for inflation and not seasonally manipulated were up 4.1% over May 2011. That compares with a 4% gain in April. In adjusting for inflation, this measure attempts to represents actual unit volume of orders. Also, the use of actual, versus seasonally manipulated (SA) data allows an accurate view…

Regardless of Which Way Bernanke Panics Next, The Ending Won’t Be Happy

Once again the mainstream media boohooed over a false and misleading seasonally falsified industrial production number, bemoaning that the SA number was down 0.4% month to month in May. They are playing into the Wall Street mob’s desire for manna from Ben next week. It’s totally bogus, supported only by false and misleading SA data, not the real activity.