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More Tiers, Lower Risks, But Higher Costs: FSB Latest Solutions to Systemic Crises

The Financial Stability Board (a mega quango set up under the G20 cover to make policy recommendations aimed at assuring that Too-Big-To-Fail banks are brought under some international oversight) has recently issued its position on the bank capital shortfalls under the assessment of their balance sheets designed to ‘prevent taxpayers bailouts of lenders’.

Black Friday Alert: Gold Falls to Lowest Since 2010 as Fed Rate-Increase Bets Rise


Today is Black Friday, America’s shopping day after Christmas. It is notable by long lines at stores like Best Buy and Walmart for “deals.” Heck, they are even having Black Friday retails sales in Great Britain where they don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving! Having said that, another event happened on Black Friday. Gold prices are falling. […]