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Fed Report Schedule Note

Due to my travel schedule this week, the Fed and Macro-liquidity report will not be posted this week. I have reviewed the data and there are no substantive changes.  The Treasury update will be posted this weekend as usual.

QE Dissenters Purged At Minneapolis Fed

This is a sign of  how Fed doves, whose denial of the facts is such that they must be clinically insane, value opposing points of view. A shake-up in the top ranks of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis is prompting sharp questions about whether the bank is straying from the collegial tradition that built…

Braves New World – Crony Capitalism and Tea Party Hypocrisy

The Atlanta Braves are getting $450 million of taxpayer money to build a new stadium in Tea Party hotbed, Cobb County, Georgia.’s Will Bunch put it like this. …there’s the “white flight” of the Braves leaving the majority black city where Aaron heroically endured death threats to break Babe Ruth’s record. Which maybe wouldn’t…