James Kwak

Cultural Capture and the Financial Crisis

Two weeks ago, an investigation by ProPublica and This American Life illustrated the culture of deference, risk aversion, and general sucking-upitude among New York Fed bank examiners that effectively resulted in the capture of regulators by the banks they were supposed to be regulating.

Who Are the Good Guys?

via Who Are the Good Guys? — Bull Market — Medium. Last month, Judge Lucy Koh of the Northern District of California rejected a $324 million deal that would have settled a suit brought against Adobe, Apple, Google, and Intel by 64,000 of their former employees. The plaintiffs claim that the companies conspired not to…

My Daughter’s Wish

Today my daughter’s combined first and second grade class wrote down their individual wishes for the world. The wishes are part of a wish tree. Here they are: I wish people could always be happy. I wish…