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Mark Zandi: It’s The Economy Stupid – Logan Mohtashami

Are tight lending standards the go-to fall guy in this economic cycle? It would seem so.
Wall Street Journal’s Nick Timiraos sparked a recent Twitter discussion on this topic when he shared an article Mark Zandi, Moody Analytics Chief Economist, wrote. Mr. Zandi believes lending standards will hamstring a struggling housing market, and should be loosened. A number of Nick’s followers jumped in to agree.

Fed Coy As Panic Boosts Treasuries – Professional Edition

The mortgage applications data released on Tuesday continues to cast doubt on the NARs data showing a recovery or stabilization in the housing market. I don’t question their data, but the MBAAs data and Zillow’s data do not support it. See https://wallstreetexaminer.com/2009/09/01/more-little-lies-and-big-spin-gains-or-blips The Treasury completed 3 bill auctions this week with buying at panic levels,…

More Little Lies and Big Spin- Gains or Blips?

The FIM (Financial Infomercial Media) has gifted us with more nonsense today in the form of Pending Homes Sales data from the NAR (Realtors) and the Purchasing Managers Manufacturing Index from the ISM (Purchasing Managers). Bloomberg was positively ecstatic about the housing data, proclaiming “The number of contracts to buy previously owned homes rose more…